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Greenhouse Gas Balancing

Who wants to go the first, second, third step....

Doesn't have to go alone! There are now a large number of publications on the subject of greenhouse gases (GHG) and their accounting.

Experience value:

Depending on the requirements group, e.g. legislator, customer or the public, it is necessary to select the appropriate methodology.

Draw on our years of experience and benefit from our pragmatic approaches:

  • Preparation, verification as well as support in the certification of GHG balances at the corporate level:
    1. Corporate Carbon Footprint according to ISO 14064-1
    2. Greenhouse Gas Protocol
  • Preparation, review and assistance in the certification of product balance sheets:
    1. Product Carbon Footprint
    2. Environmental Product Declaration
  • Concept development for climate-neutral organizations and / or products according to the specifications of PAS 2060
    1. Preparation of GHG balance
    2. Preparation of GHG management plan
    3. Advice on compensation products