External auditing according to ISO 14001 / 50001
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External Auditing According to ISO 14001 and ISO 50001

externe Auditierung

Your Scopes are our Know-how...

If an environmental and/or energy management system is ready for an external audit, experts with industry experience will come to your company as auditors at your request. Your path to a certificate that you can actively market is then not far away.

Experience Value:

The development of an environmental or energy management system and its successful implementation in existing company processes requires between 6 months and 1 year, depending on the personnel resources available. Only then can it be assumed that the system is ready for certification.

We are contractual partners of the following certification bodies:

  • TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH
  • X.CERT GmbH

ISO 14001 Certification

Companies bear responsibility for the world of tomorrow - through sustainable management and the prudent use of resources. In addition to active environmental protection, there are many other good reasons for incorporating environmental aspects into corporate decisions in a forward-looking and systematic manner: A certified environmental management system according to ISO 14001 strengthens ideal values, improves employee motivation and leads to a better brand image among customers and partners. In addition, environmental management systems help to save costs - for example, as a result of lower resource consumption.

We have expertise in the following scopes (EA industries):

  • EA-EM 25 R3 (electricity supply), all others with risk classes R4 + R5

ISO 50001 Certification

A certified energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001 ensures continuous and systematic improvement of a company's energy-related performance. The ISO 50001 processes have a clear objective: energy consumption in the company is to be significantly reduced or energy efficiency increased. Possible results are lower energy costs and increased security of supply, for example by setting up self-generation plants that make renewable energies usable on site.

Audit Service Food & Feed

Performance of audits in the food industry / packaging industry e.g. internal audits (1st party), supplier audits (2nd party), process audits, focus audits - desired according to certain accredited standards (ISO world or GFSI standards) or own checklists provided by the customer. Furthermore audits in system catering, stores, wholesale and retail with sampling of food, surface samples and drinking water samples.


  • LFM Various Food
  • LFM Various Packaging
  • LFM Various Branch Quality

Audit Zero Waste

The aim of DIN SPEC 91436 is to create a holistic reference model for organizations to continuously measure and improve the maturity of their waste and recyclables management in order to best follow the Zero Waste vision. To meet the Ecodesign vision, products and processes are designed and managed to avoid or reduce the volumes and hazardousness of waste and input streams (primary materials and energy). This can be achieved through consumption reduction, waste avoidance, repairs, reuse, composting, fermentation and recycling, as well as through sustainable and careful use of resources.

The inspection and subsequent monitoring must be carried out by a qualified inspection organization/inspector. A certified bronze, silver and gold status can be achieved.

The reference model is based on the certification processes for DIN EN ISO 14001 and DIN EN ISO 9001, so that synergy effects can be used.

We have expertise in the following scopes (EA industries):

EA 03
Food products, beverages and tobacco
EA 04
Textiles and Textile products
EA 05
Leather and Leather Products
EA 06
Wood and Wood Products
EA 07.1
Manufacture of Pulp, Paper and Paperboard
EA 07.2
Manufacture of Articles of Paper and Paperboard
EA 08
Publishing Companies
EA 09
Printing Companies
EA 10
Manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products
EA 12.2
Manufacture of Chemical Products without chemical Reactions (Mixing)
EA 13
EA 14
Rubber and Plastic Products
EA 15.2
Manufacture of Glass and Ceramic Products
EA 16.2
Manufacture of Articles of Concrete, Cement and Plaster
EA 17.1
Manufacture of basic metals
EA 17.2
Manufacture of fabricated Metal Products
EA 18
Machinery and Equipment
EA 19
Electrical and Optical Equipment
EA 20
EA 21
EA 22
Other Transport Equipment
EA 23
Manufacturing not elsewhere classified
EA 24
EA 25
Electricity Supply
EA 26
Gas Supply
EA 27
Water Supply
EA 28
EA 29.1
Wholesale and Retail Trade
EA 29.2
Repair of Motor Vehicles, Motorcycles and Personal and Household Goods
EA 30
Hotels and Restaurants
EA 31.2
EA 32
Financial Intermediation; Real Estate; Renting
EA 33
Information Technology
EA 34.1
Research and Development
EA 34.2
Engineering Services
EA 35
Other Services
EA 36
Public administration
EA 37
EA 38.2
Veterinary Activities
EA 39
Other Social Services

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